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Update: Colorado’s Mark Udall Loses Re-election Bid

On Tuesday night, as Colorado’s Mark Udall lost his Senate seat to Republican Cory Gardner. You can read my earlier article about Mark Udall at

While the election was not a referendum on Udall’s support for civil liberties (Gardner expressed support for surveillance reform, and Udall spent most of his campaign almost solely concentrating on reproductive issues), the loss is undoubtedly a blow for privacy and transparency advocates, as Udall was one of the NSA and CIA’s most outspoken and consistent critics. Most importantly, he sat on the intelligence committee, the Senate’s sole oversight board of the clandestine agencies, where he was one of just a few dissenting members.

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  1. There were SO many issues they could have chosen to attack Gardner on – his mindless opposition to ObamaCare (sure Cory, we all want insurance that is canceled the first time we get really sick, DUH!); his financial support by the Koch brothers and Las Vegas gambling interests and mindless parroting of all issues Koch Brother; his lack of understanding of Global Climate Change… and on and on. Reproductive rights was only one of his weaknesses and if they’d asked me, not the best one to focus on.

    So now we in Colorado have a little Koch Brothers supported Ken doll instead of a courageous fighter for civil liberties. And we all loose.


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