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Windows Blamed for Home Depot Hack; Company Executives Get Macs

The Home Depot recently revealed that its systems had been hacked, leaving approximately 56 million customer credit cards and 53 million email addresses vulnerable to cybercriminals. The company says Microsoft’s Windows operating system is the problem. Apparently the hackers gained access to Home Depot’s supposedly secure servers because of the security vulnerabilities within Windows.

The Home Depot has now reportedly switched many top-ranking employees to Macintosh computers and iPhones because of the problems with Windows systems. According to The Wall Street Journal, The Home Depot’s IT department recently purchased several dozen secure iPhones and MacBooks for senior-level executives.

You can read more about the security breach and about steps The Home Depot has teken to prevent a re-occurrence on The Home Depot’s web site at An article about The Home Depot’s switch to Macintosh computers may be found at

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