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FREE: Wiper Offers Encrypted Cell Phone Calls and Text Messages You Can Erase Later

Wiper is not the only cell phone app that sends secure texts, photos, and and then deletes them from the recipient’s phone later. However, it is unusual that it also creates encrypted voice calls over wi-fi connections. Wiper is available free of charge for both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) devices.

Most apps delete the messages a set time after they’re read, but Wiper lets you remove them anytime, whenever you feel like it. The app also offers screenshot protection, and notifies you (on both iOS and Android) if the recipient tries to screenshot, download, or forward your message, photo, or video.

Wiper allows you to place encrypted voice calls via Wi-Fi or mobile data to other people using the app. It also allows to or more Wiper users to share YouTube videos, music, or other files, all encrypted.

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