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iSentry Instantly Converts your Macintosh into an Internet-connected Motion-Sensing Security System

This one works. I replaced an old MacBook Air about a year ago and purchased a new version of the same thing only with a bigger hard drive, a faster processor, and a better display. The old laptop sat on the shelf for a while until I started pricing out a new security camera to keep en eye on the house when I am away. Wait a minute, I already had all the hardware I needed. All I was lacking was the software. I then found the program I needed free of charge.

You can use iSentry with any old Macintosh or, perhaps even better, launch it at the end of the day when you quit using your regular Mac. Let iSentry keep an eye on things when you are not able to. I have it configured to send a text message to my cell phone anytime something moves in the living room or dining room of my house. It also takes a 2-minute video of whatever caused the problem and uploads it to my Google Drive account. When I receive the text message, I can open the cell phone’s browser and look at the video to see what is happening. If there is a burglary in process, I have a video of the culprit(s) in action to give to the police department.

Just launch iSentry, point your camera to the region you want to monitor, and prepare to receive a video or photo if any motion activity is detected. With a wide selection of settings, iSentry allows you to configure quality of pictures and video clips, enable sound, alerts and receive email notifications about the events detected. Also iSentry can upload the pictures and video clips it takes on disk or in iPhoto album.

The downside is that my MacBook Air doesn’t see in the dark very well. It works well in daylight or when the room lights are turned on.

Not bad for a free program! iSentry is available in the Macintosh App Store.

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