VPN Unlimited Premium: 3 Years Of Hacker Protection & More

I love the Black Friday deals. Here’s one that was announced on Friday and continues to be available for a few more days: a VPN service that works on up to five different devices including a mix of Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android. Best of all, that is for a three-year subscription, not the normal one-year plan offered by most other VPN services. VPN Unlimited normally costs $64.99 for a three-year subscription but is being offered until December 5 for only $19.

Disclaimer: I should note that I haven’t tried the VPN Unlimited offering simply because I am already subscribed to a different (and more expensive) plan from another company. Since I already prepaid for a year, I have no interest in switching to a different service until my present subscription expires. However, if I didn’t already have a VPN service, I’d be looking closely at the offering from VPN Unlimited. When my present subscription does expire, I’ll go back and look ay VPN Unlimited to see what the price is at that time.

Quoting from the StackSocial web site at http://goo.gl/T1aj9I:


Need access to otherwise restricted web content? Don’t trust your WiFi connection? Need to ensure online security? You need VPN Unlimited.

What is VPN, you ask?
Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology which allows you to connect to any website anytime you have internet access (corporate networks, public or hotel WiFi, etc). All data sent through VPN is encrypted, which means your information is hidden from hackers or identity thieves.


With this 3-Year Plan of VPN Unlimited, you’ll surf the web worry-free – unblock restricted web content, protect your WiFi connection on public networks, secure your online activity, and bypass some ISP restrictions, possibly even increasing your regular Internet speed.


  • VPN Unlimited – 3-Year Premium Plan
  • Secure Public WiFi Connection – No matter where you are or what network you’re using, when you connect to VPN Unlimited server, your data and activities are 100% safe
  • Protect Online Activities – Hackers are no longer a problem because your internet activity and all data remains hidden and encrypted
  • Unlimited Traffic Bandwidth – VPN Unlimited doesn’t limit your traffic bandwidth, so there’s no need to worry about your data usage
  • Unlimited Connection Speed – VPN Unlimited provides you with a high-speed connection
  • Select the server in the country you want – VPN Unlimited provides a growing selection of servers in the most popular countries with the most demanded web resources
  • Prevent Interceptions of Data – Encrypts your data right on your electronic device, using the powerful encrypting algorithms
  • Access VPN Service From Any Device – Pay once and use VPN Unlimited on apps for iPhone, iPod and iPad as well as Macs, PCs, and even Linux


If you have more questions about this amazing VPN service, CLICK HERE.


Mac, PC, or Linux OS
iOS and Android apps also available

NOTE: Does not work with Windows Phones
NOTE: Due to government regulations, this product is not available to residents of China.

How many computers can you activate software with? – ANY 5 devices, not only computers, but any supported devices
When does license need to be redeemed by? – Right after an account registration
Does it include updates? – Yes, the license covers all future updates, but it can be updated on VPN Unlimited’s website without a preliminary notification

You can learn more in the VPN Unlimited FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions) at https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/help.

This offer expires on December 5. You can learn more at http://goo.gl/T1aj9I.

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