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You Don’t Need Credit Monitoring Services or Identity Theft Insurance

In fact, such coverage isn’t worth much and the few things it does accomplish are available free of charge elsewhere. In an article in the web site, Priya Anand writes:

“The year 2014 saw an almost unrelenting avalanche of security breaches that struck retailers, banks and medical providers, among many others. At least 744 data breaches have been disclosed this year, with more than 115 million consumers’ records exposed, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.

“To protect themselves and their data, consumers may opt for credit monitoring services or identity theft insurance. But such coverage, which can cost anywhere from $25 to more than $100 a year, may not be worth paying for, consumer advocates say. “It depends on how important peace of mind is to you, because that’s essentially what you’re buying at the end of the day,” says Al Pascual, senior analyst for security, risk and fraud at Javelin Strategy & Research.”

You can read the article at

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