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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

Advertisement: How to be Anonymous Online: A Quick Step-By-Step Manual

This Kindle ebook by Anna Eydie will show you how to:

  • Browse the Internet Anonymously.
  • Use someone else’s computer without them knowing.
  • Circumvent Windows without altering anything on the system.
  • Make an email account that actually is anonymous.
  • Use PGP Encryption the right way.
  • Why Bitcoin is NOT Anonymous and how that is about to change – Other books tell you that Bitcoins are Anonymous or that you can use “Bitcoin Laundry” services to cover your tracks. This is wrong and the book will tell you what technology is in the works to fix this.
  • Disabling Cookies is USELESS – You are still traceable by your digital fingerprints.
  • Using an IP Proxy Service is BAD – It routes all your activity through a central source that can track you.

  • Logging into a computer is BAD – It leaves a record that you were there.
  • Subscribing to an Anonymity Service is BAD – You are giving them your name, credit card info, etc. to buy anonymity… it isn’t anonymous if you give them information.
  • Creating an “anonymous” Yahoo, Gmail, etc. account is BAD – Just ask General Petraeus how well this works.
  • JavaScript is BAD – this is a prime vehicle for transporting Malware into your system.
  • Super-Cookies are BAD – They regenerate deleted cookies, they are stealth and hard to delete.
  • Digital Fingerprints are REALLY BAD – Advertisers have begun using digital fingerprints to track user activity. They are created by gathering the data your system provides websites, such as, installed fonts, browser extensions and their micro-versions, operating system and its updates, time zone, etc., etc., etc… While individual bits of this information are not particularly dangerous, collectively, they are compiled to create a traceable and unique digital fingerprint.

In an age where we have come to expect privacy encroachments almost everywhere, it is nice to see a book that shows people how to “fight” back!

This Kindle ebook can be read on Windows, Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices once the FREE Kindle Reading App is installed. Amazon Prime members can also borrow this book and read it on their devices with Kindle Owners Lending Library.

Click here to read more or to purchase the book on Amazon.


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