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Ooma Now Blocks More Than One Million Obnoxious Telemarketing Calls per Month

I have been using Ooma as my telephone provider for a couple of years and love the service. (I disconnected my old-fashioned telephone service years ago.) There are many features about Ooma that I love, in addition to the low cost. Ooma provides better service and higher-quality audio than the old telephone company’s service ever did. However, perhaps the best service of all is the ability to block obnoxious callers.

Today, Ooma announced the company has reached a new milestone: the service now blocks more than a million telemarketing calls from ever reaching customers’ phones. Not to rest on their laurels, Ooma is expanding the call blocking service.

The following was written by the folks at Team Ooma:

We believe your home phone ringing shouldn’t bring a moment of dread anticipating an unwanted sales call, so it’s no surprise to us that blacklisting is Ooma’s most popular Premier feature. As you may know, our Personal Blacklist lets you create your own list of numbers to block, while Community Blacklist blocks tens of thousands of telemarketers reported by other Ooma users. Together, these blacklists are blocking over 1 million calls per month for Premier users!

But we’re not stopping there! Today we’re bringing you our Expanded Blacklist, blocking calls from more than 800,000 known robo-callers and telemarketers. To activate this new blacklist for your account, head to

Not currently a Premier subscriber but loving the idea of keeping pesky telemarketers from reaching you? You can easily upgrade your account to Premier for $9.99 per month on to get blacklisting and more than 25 additional advanced features (voicemail-to-email forwarding and Instant Second Line are some other favorites).

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