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Ex-Virginia State Police Trooper to Serve Time for Privacy Invasion

A former Virginia State Police trooper convicted of computer invasion of privacy will serve a month in jail and pay a $600 fine.

Crystal Ramsey was sentenced Friday to seven months in jail, with six months suspended. She must remain on good behavior for four years following her release.

State police investigated the 31-year-old in May 2013 after receiving a complaint regarding her use of the Virginia Criminal Information Network, according to a police statement. Based on the evidence collected, a grand jury indicted Ramsey on nine computer invasion of privacy charges – eight misdemeanors and one felony – accusing her of using the network to look up acquaintances and then distribute the information, according to Circuit Court records and the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

Ramsey, who patrolled Virginia Beach and Norfolk, will remain on administrative leave pending the outcome of the administrative investigation, said Corinne Geller, state police spokeswoman.


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