White House Sides with UK, Wants a Backdoor to Encrypted Data

President Barak Obama has officially come out in support of UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s push for backdoor government access to private encrypted data, and even went so far as to suggest U.S. companies that offer ways to decrypt user data are patriots. The President’s comments follow Mr. Cameron’s push for government access to encrypted emails, and text messages, and it signals a serious threat to our personal privacy.

Details may be found in an article by Jeff Garnet in the Mac Observer web site at http://goo.gl/FxHfKH.

One thought on “White House Sides with UK, Wants a Backdoor to Encrypted Data

  1. So a new game for ne’er-do-wells; hunt the back door.

    Not just a threat to privacy; also a threat on-line commerce.

    I guess I will continue to use credit cards over the web – as long as credit cards continue to refund fraudulent charges without significant hassle.

    But will people be willing to do banking on-line, manage investment portfolios on-line?

    HMRC (in the UK) want my tax return submitted on-line – that may be the only application without a back-door because you are already communicating with an arm of government.


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