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How To Set Up A VPN (And Why It’s A Good Idea To Use One)

MakeUseOf has published an article by Dave LeClair that describes the selection of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), some generic installation instructions (each VPN installation will probably vary slightly) and gives a brief explanation of why using a VPN is a good idea.

The article is easy to read and is suggested for anyone who is not yet familiar with VPNs. I only have two minor “quibbles” with the article:

  1. It only lists six VPN products to choose from. While I do believe all six of them are good ones, I also know there are many more good VPN products to choose from.
  2. There is no mention of the TorBrowser Bundle. Strictly speaking, TorBrowser is not a VPN. However, it has essentially all the functionality of a VPN and reportedly is even more secure than the traditional VPNs.

You can read my earlier article, Tor: Probably the Most Secure Way to Use the Internet, at You also might be interested in my earlier article, Why You Want to Use a VPN, at

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  1. I feel that personal safety is number one in the world where hackers want everyone business to make a buck.


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