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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

Google Accused of Handing Over Emails to US Authorities

Sarah Harrison of WikiLeaks has stated:

All we know is that the US government asked for everything to do with any and all Google accounts that we hold. That would include all emails, including deleted emails, contact lists, IP addresses that we logged on from. This really shows a blanket, organizationwide attempt to gather any and all information on us. And what’s interesting about our email accounts is that – for all of us there – these were our personal accounts that we had before joining Wikileaks. I think it really does show the US government trying to even go to the stage of mapping out personal contacts in our personal lives in just a hope to get anything on WikiLeaks as an organization.

You can read the full story at

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