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What To Do if Your Social Security Number Has Been Stolen in a Hack

If you’re an Anthem customer, your Social Security Number was stolen last week. See my earlier article ay for details. You need to protect yourself. Of course, the same protection is a good idea for everyone.

You can find several good suggestions by Alan Henry in the LifeHacker Blog at One that I recommend for everyone, hacked or not, is to sign up for Mint or for Personal Capital to give you a 10,000-foot view of all of your accounts at once.

I have been using for a couple of years now and love the way it monitors my bank accounts, credit cards, brokerage accounts, PayPal, credit score, and more to see what has changed in the past 24 hours. I check it every morning to keep an eye on my finances.

If someone rips off your credit card, checking account, investment account, or anything else, it is rather easy to get the charge reversed if you report it promptly. A daily check with Mint only takes a few seconds. I am told that Personal Capital is similar.

It’s your money and your credit rating. Don’t you want to keep an eye on your finances? It is easy to do so with Mint or with Personal Capital. Both services are free of charge for basic services although they will show you ads suggesting you upgrade to extra-cost options. So far, I remain a free user of Mint and am very happy with the service. I don’t see any reason to upgrade.

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