Lenovo Devices Cannot Be Trusted for Secure Work

Enterprise customers are not said to be affected, but millions of consumers and bring-your-own-device users are likely using compromised machines according to an article by Zack Whittaker in ZDNet at http://goo.gl/0UoRJ4.

Lenovo-branded devices sold between September 2014 and January 2015 through consumer online and retail stores, like Best Buy and Amazon.com, are likely affected by the Superfish adware, which hijacks secure internet traffic.

The news bothers me because the only Windows machine I use these days is a Lenovo laptop I purchased in October, 2014.

Lenovo partnered with advertising firm Superfish to install the adware on its consumers’ laptops. I checked the problem in my Lenovo laptop by going to a test web site as mentioned in Whittaker’s article and found my laptop indeed was infected. The article states, “the only confirmed way of completely removing Superfish appears to be reinstalling Windows (from a non-Lenovo image), or moving to another operating system entirely.”

I turned the laptop off and will not turn it on again until a fix is available. I was thinking of replacing Windows with Linux anyway so perhaps that will be my fix. I had planned to dual-boot the system but now think I will simply destroy Windows and install Mint Linux as the only operating system on the computer. (I normally use a Mac.)

What is in your Lenovo?

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