Web Privacy is the Newest Luxury Item in Today’s World

Writing in the The Christian Science Monitor, Paul F. Roberts reports, “A growing number of tech firms offer online privacy tools at a price. They are giving privacy-conscious consumers new ways of avoiding tracking on the Web with self-destructing e-mails and temporary online identities.”

He also gives a brief overview of today’s threats: “There were more reported data breaches last year than ever before, leaking credit card information and health data far and wide. And long after Edward Snowden became a household name, new reports of spying by the National Security Agency, Britain’s GCHQ, and other governments continue to come to light. Meanwhile, in the commercial sphere, online advertisers and merchants are armed with sophisticated tools for tracking Internet users’ keystrokes and clicks.”

He then goes on to describe a number of products and services available today that will avoid the online snoops who wish to invade your right to privacy and the right of “ownership” of your own information. These are for people who don’t want to be scanned, or tracked, or profiled. He describes throw-away identity services and “Mission Impossible” style electronic documents and email messages that “self destruct” after a pre-defined period of time. He also describes the limitations of such services.

You can read Paul F. Roberts’ interesting article, Web privacy is the newest luxury item in era of pervasive tracking, at http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Passcode/2015/0216/Web-privacy-is-the-newest-luxury-item-in-era-of-pervasive-tracking.

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