UN Creates a Digital Privacy Watchdog

This should be interesting. The top human rights body in the United Nations has voted to create a special watchdog dedicated to the right to privacy in the digital age. The new “Special Rapporteur” created by the Human Rights Council on Thursday will be tasked with investigating whether countries’ cyber spying programs unnecessarily violate people’s privacy and what people around the world can do to protect those rights.

Gee, I wonder which country spies the most on its citizens? This could be embarrassing for the U.S. government which usually supports UN actions.

According to Reuters, the effort was spearheaded by Brazil and Germany, two countries that have been vocal critics of the U.S.’s broad efforts to sweep up digital information about people on the Internet that were revealed by Edward Snowden nearly two years ago.

You can read more at http://thehill.com/policy/technology/237114-un-creates-digital-privacy-watchdog.

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