NRA Bans Firearms at the NRA Convention

The National Rifle Association has spent millions of dollars lobbying legislators to permit the carrying of firearms nearly every place. The NRA has tried to justify carrying of guns inside capitol buildings, in bars, in schools, in parks, in movie theaters, and almost everywhere else that people gather together. Most of the time, the NRA says it is for “safety. They claim that more guns equal more safety.

It is interesting to note that the NRA has banned “operational” firearms at its national conference in Nashville. I guess the word “operational” means loaded and ready for use. The NRA is asking you to leave your firearms at home. A few manufacturers will be there exhibiting their latest wares but the conference organizers say that all guns on the convention floor will be nonoperational, with the firing pins removed.

The one place that the NRA doesn’t want guns? Anywhere near the members of the NRA.

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7 thoughts on “NRA Bans Firearms at the NRA Convention

  1. Read the update: it is based on the locations where the event is being held. The event is being held in multiple locations and some don’t allow concealed carry


    • That would be based on the building owners not the NRA and there are only so many locations large enough to hold a convention of this size.

      But why let details get in the way of a story you want to put out there. Good thing we have the Bill of Rights to protect your ability to publish this. Can you imagine what would happen if the government was able to ignore the Constitution and the mechanisms it provides to change and instead passed laws that contradicted it and its amendments and those were accepted by everybody? Oh, wait…


      • Before anyone posts any further comments about the “political correctness” of my article, perhaps I should point out that I am an NRA member, have a concealed carry permit, and that I have owned firearms most of my life. I was first trained in the safe and appropriate use of firearms as a child by my father (an expert marksman) and later in the U.S. military and, a few years ago when I moved to another state and had to get a new concealed carry permit, by a U.S. marshall who “moonlighted” as an instructor in an NRA-sanctioned firearm safety course. I also visit a nearby firing range several times a year to maintain my skills.

        But I still think it is amusing that firearms cannot be carried into an NRA convention.


  2. I will be leaving here soon to attend the NRA Member’s Meeting and Convention. It is amusing that they are asking people that it might be best to leave their firearm or even their pocket knives at the hotel. In conventions pass it has seem silly that 50 some thousand people are walking around a convention floor with their Bowie knives and other “weapons” getting along fine in tight walkways, bumping into each other, walking for pretty much the entire day, to only go across the street to some arena and be told most of the items you have carried on you all day are not allowed in THAT building for safety reasons. But then again you are usually going to hear some politician speak and you know how politicians love to tell you about your rights, yet want them taken away when you are near them. So yes, what is truly amusing to think how just crossing the street makes something legal one moment, illegal the next.

    Also, Mr. Eastman is right. Do go assuming a person political stance and attack them because they repost a bias story. We get enough hate speeches from the “Liberal Left”, we don’t need to mimic them. To assume is to make an ass-u-me.

    As for the convention, it is not good to mix fully load and able to shoot firearms with those that are made inoperable for display so that every man, woman, child and handle them. It is the same precautions a movie set would make to get the fake gun with dude ammo away from the fully functional guns with the live ammo. Late thing one needs is a actor playing like they are Rambo and shooting another actor and stating, “I thought the gun was a fake”. Like that has never happened.


    • You are correct, I made several assumptions today that tripped me up. I replied to what I saw, as you suggested, a single post which reads as a biased story about the hypocrisy of the big, bad, NRA, especially with safety in quotes, the no guns graphic, and the glib last line. From this I did believe that Mr Eastman was anti-2nd Amendment and that is why I shared my belief that if the government can ignore/bypass one amendment then it can do that for any. Had this post been written in a manner that clearly highlighted it was about the dichotomy of the situation, the NRA for all its efforts still cannot allow concealed carry at its own convention, and not explained later as its purpose in the comments after the fact I would not have commented but rather agreed and moved on. I also did not assume Mr Eastman was liberal nor do I care, to me this was a single issue event. Not everyone on the left is anti-gun and not everybody on the right is pro-gun. Your assumption that I am a member of the conservative right is quite incorrect.

      The other assumption I made today was Mr Eastman’s twitter feed was connected to his EOGN site, which I now know is not true. It also explains why some of his tweets did not seem to be related to genealogy.


  3. If the locations don’t allow concealed weapons, why don’t they all just ‘open carry’ their guns? “Wore his gun outside his pants For all the honest world to feel.”


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