Encryption is the Second Amendment for the Internet

Sunday Yokubaitis is the president of Golden Frog, a company that fights for online privacy and to open up a free and secure Internet for people around the world. He has written an opinion piece in The Daily Dot that I would suggest should be required reading by all government employees and especially by our legislators.

Many government officials are demanding “back doors” be built into all communications softare, allowing U.S. government employee to spy on all citizens. Yokubaitis points out how dangerous these back doors are. He writes, “We already have evidence that backdoors built for good guys are routinely used by the bad guys. In 2010, Chinese hackers subverted a Google Gmail system designed to comply with U.S. government surveillance requests. The bad guys can and do steal golden keys.”

He also writes:

“The government doesn’t need a golden key to decrypt everything. If you want the data, don’t ask for a backdoor. Instead, get a warrant and come through the front door. We need due process, probable cause, a real judge, and a warrant—not backdoors.”

“If you encrypt your digital communications, you should be celebrated. You’re fighting the good fight. You should not draw suspicion from the FBI or NSA. In the same way that firearms are synonymous with the Second Amendment and protecting yourself, using encryption to protect your data should be a fundamental right. Encryption is the Second Amendment for the Internet.”

Do you want not only government employees but also Chinese hackers and other hackers from all over the world to read everything you write or say? If not, send a copy of Sunday Yokubaitis’ article at http://www.dailydot.com/opinion/encryption-second-amendment-internet/ to your legislators.

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