IronKey Windows To Go on a Stick

This might be one of the most secure Windows “computers” available today. The IronKey Windows To Go device isn’t even a complete computer. It lacks a keyboard, mouse, and display screen. Yet it can be used with any other Windows computer, even one in a Internet café or a public library, to create a secure computer that won’t leave any traces of your personal information behind.

IronKey_Windows_To_Go_on_a_StickThe IronKey Windows To Go looks like an oversized flashdrive. However, it contains a fully-functioning Microsoft Windows 10 or 8.1 computer, including central processor, memory, video interface, network interface, and more. Plug the IronKey Windows To Go device into almost any Windows computer’s USB port and the IronKey device becomes a separate bootable Windows computer by itself, not using the processor, memory, or hard drive of the host computer.

The IronKey Windows To Go device becomes the computer and only borrows the display screen, keyboard, mouse, and power from the “host computer.” It doesn’t use the “host computer’s” central processor, memory, or disk storage. All processing and data storage is done inside the IronKey Windows To Go device. Once the user is finished computing, the IronKey Windows To Go device device is removed from the host computer’s USB connector and the user can take it away in a pocket or purse, leaving nothing behind on the host.

The Windows To Go portable workspace computer features industrial-grade password protection capabilities and up to 256-bit AES full disk encryption by using Microsoft BitLocker technology. Data and applications are automatically provided strong protection from breach and corruption the moment users remove flash drives from their host PCs.

After all, a hacker cannot access personal data when Windows To Go on a Stick is powered off and in your pocket or purse!

windows-8-to-go-imation-ironkey-usb-flash-driveWindows To Go enables employees, contractors and field personnel to use a corporate IT Windows image, complete with all your organization’s applications, from virtually any computer. IT directors will also appreciate that by provisioning Windows To Go devices through Windows 10 or 8.1 Enterprise, employees, partners and contractors can using mobile workspaces created and managed by the IT department. Private citizens also can use the IronKey Windows To Go device when traveling to keep personal data secure and offline except when needed. If plugged into a USB3 port, it should be every bit as fast as a medium-priced free-standing Windows computer.

IronKey Windows To Go computers cost $89 to $389, depending upon the amount of memory included. Most versions do not include Microsoft Windows. Those are aimed at IT professionals who want to load their own copies of Windows, such as what is often done in a corporate environment where all employees should have identical copies of the operating system and applications installed. If the description says that is is “FOR Windows 8.1 or Windows 10,” that indicates the operating system is not pre-loaded; you will have to supply your own copy. The word “FOR” apparently indicates that Windows can be loaded but is not included. However, the Ironkey™ Windows To Go Intro Kit includes a 90-day trial version of Windows 8.1 pre-loaded. Should you wish to keep that version of Windows after the trial version expires, you should be able to register it and pay for it at that time.

You can learn more about IronKey Windows To Go on a stick at:

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