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“By continuing the process of inflation, governments can confiscate secretly and unobserved an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” – John Maynard Keynes, writing about the effects of a seemingly small amount of inflation every year.

Cyber Dust Privacy App for Text Messaging on your Cellphone

CyberDust2Cyber Dust allows you to communicate freely and honestly. Send and receive text messages, stickers, links, photos, videos and more. Your messages are protected from screenshots and disappear after they are read. They are heavily encrypted and never touch a hard drive, not even in the servers at Cyber Dust headquarters. Once your messages are gone, they are truly gone forever, never to be recovered. Messages are heavily encrypted and cannot be monitored, not even by the Cyber Dust team!

All messages sent with Cyber Dust permanently vanish from existence no more than 100 seconds after they’re read or after 24 hours if they go unopened. Also, every message is protected with its own unique 128-bit AES encryption which is further secured by an RSA 2048-bit key.

Some of the other so-called encrypted messaging apps are easy to break when the recipient simply makes a screenshot of the incoming message and then shares it with others as a form of blackmail. Cyber Dust doesn’t prohibit screen captures but, if a screen capture is made, the app immediately sends a message back to the originator of the message informing him or her that a screen capture has been made and also giving the name and cell phone number of the person who made it. No surprises! Cyber Dust also prevents screencasting.

There are many reasons for using Cyber Dust. First of all, it keeps your messages out of sight of both government spies and of hackers around the world. It is safe for sending credit card numbers, unlike most other forms of electronic communications. It is also very useful for anyone who wishes to keep thing secrets from their acquaintances, such as battered wives who are in hiding from their abusive spouses. Want to send secret messages to your wife or girlfriend? Or both? (That would mean separate messages sent to each that need to be hidden from the other, of course!) The free app also is an excellent for private messaging amongst users of romance sites, such as the recently discredited Ashley Madison web site.

Both the sending and receiving parties must use the Cyber Dust Privacy App.

It is also possible to send messages to multiple people. This would be great for corporate users working together on a super-secret project that needs to be kept hidden from competitors. Cyber Dust is frequently used by business executives, celebrities, professional athletes, lawyers, politicians, and other professionals.

Whatever your reasons, if you want to keep your secrets secret, the free Cyber Dust might be a good tool for you.

Cyber Dust is FREE and available world wide on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. You can learn more at

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