Burner Receives Updates with Plugins and Premium Numbers

I wrote about Burner, a disposable phone number app, about a month ago at http://goo.gl/qQ7pLm. The Burner app has many uses for disposable phone numbers to maintain your privacy: selling items on Craigslist, setting up a blind date, wives hiding from abusive husbands, celebrities who do not wish to be swamped with calls and text messages from fans or the press, or simply keeping a private number only known to select friends and family members. Now the producers of Burner have released an update that adds several new functions.

The new version of the app (which is only available today for the iPhone although an Android version is promised for “real soon now”) offers new “Premium Burners” that you can keep as long as you need to and use for specific purposes. The premium burners offer unlimited texts, calls, and more.

The update also allows you to connect specific Burner numbers to other apps, like Slack, Soundcloud, Dropbox, and Evernote. You can set Burner to record texts, picture messages, or voice messages left by callers and automatically save them to your private account on Dropbox or Soundcloud. You can set up an Evernote notebook, and if someone texts your burner number, they can use it like an SMS bot, sending commands to retrieve information, such as a houseguest texting your number to get the Wi-Fi password or the passkey to your security door when they arrive. You can see more examples of this in action on Burner’s Youtube channel at https://goo.gl/sZhkE9.

The new iPhone app is available now and the Android app is expected soon. You can learn more at http://www.burnerapp.com.

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