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Up to 4 Million TalkTalk Customers May Have Had Their Financial Information Stolen

talktalkTalkTalk is a popular Internet Service Provider (ISP) and VoIP telephone provider in the United Kingdom. Now the company admits that their customers’ credit-card and banking details may have been accessed by hackers. Anyone who is a TalkTalk customer needs to contact their credit card providers and banks NOW in order to obtain new passwords and credit cards.

The worst part is that TalkTalk has admitted that it stored customers’ credit card numbers and banking information was not encrypted when stored on servers that could be accessed by hackers via the Internet. The company says “we do not store complete credit card details on the website” but admits that hackers accessed the information in some manner from the Internet.

The company also states, “The investigation is still ongoing, but unfortunately there is a chance that some of the following data may have been accessed:

Dates of birth
Email addresses
Telephone numbers
TalkTalk account information
Credit and debit card details and/or bank details

TalkTalk’s customer notification is available for all to read at

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