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Kanguru Flashblu – the Secure and Unbreakable Flash Drive

If you are concerned about data security of items you use outside the office, the Kanguru Defender® Secure USB flash drives may be your best solutions. These flash drives are password protected with AES 256-bit hardware encryption, integrated onboard anti-virus protection and are remote management ready. Nobody can steal or change your data on the Kanguru flash drives without your knowledge and permission.

The Kanguru Flashblu flash drives have many uses but perhaps the most obvious one is the use by professional data professionals. Perhaps it is obvious to me because I used to have a job where I installed, repaired, and supported Windows and Macintosh computers for a rather large company. With the Kanguru Flashblu, you can lock the unit before plugging it on any system to prevent USB stick infections (including the infamous Conficker virus and others). The Kanguru Flashblu with the write protect switch reportedly is unbreakable, in contrast to software locks (programs installed on the drive to make it read only) that can be hacked by viruses to infect the unit.

The Kanguru Flashblu is very handy to repair infected systems by booting from the unit or using it to copy tools on target for cleanup or repair. No more worries!

The Kanguru Flashblu is available from many retailers. I purchased mine for $99.50 from Amazon at

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