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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

Is Google StreetView an Invasion of Privacy?

Hey, I’ve been Google StreetView’ed! Yes, that’s me getting out of the Mini-Cooper. You can see the full-sized image at:


I will say that I don’t have anything to hide but is this still an invasion of privacy? What if I was on an errand that I didn’t want to share with everyone? Perhaps I was visiting my bookie. What if I was visiting my girlfriend but didn’t want my wife to find out? (That question is theoretical. I’m not married.) Admittedly, most of us have little expectation of privacy when in public places but today’s surveillance cameras are creating networks of “eyes everywhere” that can track anyone’s movements all over town.

I won’t mention where the Google StreetView image of me was taken but you can figure it out for yourself within seconds by looking at the URL and using the menus built into Google StreetView. I do find it interesting that both my face and the license plate of the automobile were blurred out.

Hey Google! I sold that car a few weeks after the picture was taken. Will you send the camera vehicle back again to take a picture of me with my new wheels?


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2 replies

  1. The fact that both your face and the licence plate were blurred out suggests to me that your privacy was not violated; the only thing linking the image to you is your admission that you are its subject.


  2. fact is you are in a public place and therefore your presence and your appearance has no claim to privacy.


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