Android Adware now Breaks and Roots Your Phone

Mobile threats just raised their game with adware-based malware which can root your device without your consent.

In the past, adware was little more than a nuisance. Whether by PC or mobile device, the only real gateway cyberattackers could take advantage of was enticing viewers to click on a banner or ad, resulting in the download of fake software or malicious applications. Times have now changed and it may only take a victim viewing a compromised Web page for third-party apps to be installed without user consent.

If hackers gain access to the root of a device, they can download whatever they please on them — not only in order to enforce downloads of third-party apps, but also in order to conduct surveillance and steal data. Even worse, the user will find it nearly impossible to remove the malevolent software.

So far, such problems have not been seen on iPhones.

You can read more in an article by Charlie Osborne in the ZDNet web site at

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