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Microsoft Has Your Encryption Key If You Use Windows 10

I’m glad I don’t use Windows 10! A report published yesterday claims, “If you login to Windows 10 using your Microsoft account, your computer automatically uploads a copy of your recovery key to a Microsoft servers.” The recovery key can be used to unlock your encrypted disk. If true, this may be one of the biggest security breaches of the year.

The article byMicah Lee in The Intercept at claims:

“As soon as your recovery key leaves your computer, you have no way of knowing its fate. A hacker could have already hacked your Microsoft account and can make a copy of your recovery key before you have time to delete it. Or Microsoft itself could get hacked, or could have hired a rogue employee with access to user data. Or a law enforcement or spy agency could send Microsoft a request for all data in your account, which would legally compel them to hand over your recovery key, which they could do even if the first thing you do after setting up your computer is delete it.”

This security problem apparently only affects Windows 10 users who have enabled the encrypted disk option. Then again, if you are not using the encrypted disk option, you have other security holes in your system.

If you are using Windows 10 or are thinking about using it, make sure you read the article at

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