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How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Would you like to access the web with your laptop or tablet computer while at a library or archive or most any other location? If a wi-fi network is available, that is easy to do. However, what do you do when you are not in range of a wi-fi connection? If you have a cell phone, there is an easy answer: tether the cell phone.

Tethering allows sharing the Internet connection of the cell phone with other devices, such as laptops.

Be aware that not all cell phones can be tethered, but the majority of them can. For instance, I used to use two cell phones; one ran Android and the other ran the Apple iOS operating system. One of them could be tethered but the other could not. Sometimes the cell phone manufacturer decides not to allow tethering and some cell phone providers will either not allow tethering or will charge extra for the capability. I now use Google’s Project Fi and it includes tethering at no additional charge.

If your Apple iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile cell phone does have the capability to be tethered, the process is easy. Step-by-step instructions are available in an article by Brian Burgess in the GizMag web site at

Warning: be aware that some cell phone companies charge extra for tethering while others do not. Check your cell phone carrier’s web page or call their customer service department for details.

If you use Google’s low-cost Project Fi for your cell phone service, you already have wi-fi tethering built in at no extra cost. You will still be charged for the amount of data sent, however.  Details about Project Fi may be found at while Google’s support page at tells How to share your data using a Wi-Fi hotspot on a Project Fi cell phone.

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