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Privacy as a Service Advocates Promise Better Data Protection

John P. Mello Jr. of TechNewsWorld and ECT News Network has written an article that I found interesting: Privacy as a Service Advocates Promise Better Data Protection. Perhaps I was interested because he gave a brief quote from me. However, with or without the quote, I still found the story interesting as he describes the latest methods of maintaining privacy in an online world.

Mello first describes one project of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that uses sees Privacy as a Service (PaaS) as a way to share data safely while preserving privacy. To that end, DARPA has launched its Brandeis program, which aims to develop tools and techniques for building systems that limit the use of private data for an intended purpose and no other.

He also describes a new service from Dispel. Another idea is still a proposal, not an available service: Online anonymity pioneer David Chaum last week aired an intriguing compromise to the impasse between strong encryption advocates and law enforcement at the Real World Crypto Conference at Stanford University.

This and a lot more is available in John P. Mello Jr.’s article at


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