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Now in Pubic Beta, Zyptonite is Like Skype only Much More Private

Finnish startup Zyptonite has launched the first public beta of its real-time communications app, also called Zyptonite, which it believes will challenge industry giants such as Skype and FaceTime with increased privacy and better reliability.


Zyptonite uses encrypted peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture with no servers storing your communications, making Zyptonite faster, more resilient, and more private than communication routed through servers. The service includes calling and multiparty conferencing with video, audio, and text. It will soon be adding screen sharing, instant direct file transfer, and other features. Zyptonite is offering free access to Zyptonite for early adopters.

Zyptonite’s primary competitor, Skype, also started out with a P2P backbone, but changed its network design after the company was acquired by Microsoft in 2011. While the reason for the change was never made public, many people believe it was made to provide a “back door” to allow the NSA and others to snoop on call information, if not record the entire call. Based in Finland, Zyptonite will never need to do that. Instead of transmitting data through servers, as most similar services do, Zyptonite creates a P2P network between its users and transfers data direct from one device to another.

Because the service bypasses servers, there is nowhere for data to be collected or stored. The startup believes this approach will appeal particularly to individuals and businesses concerned with data leaks or prying eyes.

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