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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

iCloak Offers Security and Anonymity when Online

icloakiCloak is a small device that looks like a USB flashdrive. It plugs into the USB connector on a Windows or Macintosh computer and offers what is supposedly a secure and untraceable online connection to the World Wide Web. It works by substituting for the Windows or OSX Macintosh operating system in your computer.

The tiny device has two operating systems installed inside, one for Windows PCs and another one for Macintosh systems. Plug it in, reboot the computer, and the computer loads the new operating system from the iCloak device. The computer’s keyboard, mouse, and display screen are used by the iCloak’s operating system while the computer’s internal hard drive is not used. Once finished, unplug the iCloak device, reboot, and the computer returns to normal.

Edward C. Baig wrote about the iCloak in USA TODAY at and found it to be a good concept but buggy. iCloak costs $99 with a year of free upgrades, or $149 with a lifetime of free upgrades.

You can duplicate the functionality of the iCloak at a fraction of that price by loading a “Live” copy of Linux onto a CD-ROM disk or a flashdrive. You can find many such solutions for Windows, most of them free of charge, by starting at Macintosh solutions are a bit more difficult to locate but starting at should find a few equally useful solutions.

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