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Congress’s Latest Attempt to Criminalize Encryption

A new draft bill in Congress will force tech companies to undermine or break their own security features and encryption anytime law enforcement asks them to. If passed, this will become “Big Brother” at its worse with the capability to spy on you wherever you go and almost whatever you do.

OK, OK, so the US government already can tell wherever you go, if you carry a cell phone with you. However, the new bill would add new powers to government spies to expand government snooping much more. Most security experts will tell you that if the US government gets such powers, foreign governments, hackers, credit card thieves, and identity thieves will be able to do the same not long after the government(s) obtains such powers. Other bad actors will soon be able to steal user data, messages, and anything else sent through the app. Under this law, strong security practices would be illegal.

What is not explained is how this proposed law in the United States would prohibit companies in other countries from using high security encryption in their products. Encryption software could easily be offered for sale on servers in foreign countries, then purchased, downloaded, and installed by users in the US and other countries. In fact, the proposed law probably would ENCOURAGE encryption, making the jobs of US law enforcement agencies and government spies harder than ever.

You can read more in an article by Eric Ravenscraft in the Life Hacker web site at

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