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Royal Canadian Mounted Police Has Been in Possession of Blackberry’s Global Encryption Key Since 2010

No_BlackBerryBlackberry always had a reputation of being the most secure of all the mobile devices. That reputation was false. Canadian police reportedly have had a BlackBerry global encryption key since 2010. The encryption key was used to monitor the communications of millions of BlackBerry users.The news leaked out when the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (“RCMP”) intercepted and decrypted one million messages from numerous users, as part of a 2011 murder probe. Details remain limited on exactly how the RCMP obtained the key – BlackBerry has previously said it uses a global encryption key only the company has access to – and on whether the key has been changed.

The information, which government lawyers have been fighting to keep out of public record, comes from court documents made public about a Montreal crime syndicate that pleaded guilty to a 2011 gangland murder. Canadian carrier Rogers also assisted with the investigation.

Details may be found in an article by Julian Chokkattu in the Digital Trends web site at

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