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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

Gabriel is Possibly the Most Secure Suite of Products for use with Family, Friends, and Business Associates

Gabriel from VirnetX includes secure email and a lot, lot more. It includes military-grade encryption along with freedom from spam mail. It never stores any data on any third-party servers, not even email servers, and not even on VirnetX’s servers. These benefits are automatic when communicating with other Gabriel users. Gabriel will lock out all hackers and spies with its combination of encryption, virtual private networking (VPN), and serverless technology. It works on Windows, Macintosh, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

Gabriel uses encryption technology derived from a CIA national security project, and is one of a kind. “Gabriel has been designed and built with personal privacy and security as a foundational principle,” says Dr. Robert Short, VirnetX chief technical officer and chief scientist. To that end, the program currently provides uncompromising data security, which means that users do not have to transmit data to, or store data with, any third party, including VirnetX.

Gabriel is a set of integrated applications that allow for secure messaging, secure voice and video calling, secure mail and secure file sharing — all encrypted. I suspect it is most popular amongst employees of a corporation but it also will work well for families, nonprofit organizations, and other groups as well. Other benefits to using Gabriel’s encrypted apps include:

  • Making free voice or video calls or sending instant messages to other Gabriel members in your network.
  • Send & receive secure encrypted email with attachments directly from sender to recipient without requiring a centralized mail server! No cyber threats!
  • Receiving spamless email.
  • Allowing for person-to-person messages that disappear once the session has ended.
  • Sharing pictures or files that can’t be intercepted.
  • Gabriel transmits person-to-person with end-to-end encryption to further eliminate hacking possibilities.

Gabriel also provides a Secure Domain Name, a unique domain that is a completely private address for your family, group or business (i.e. supergroup.scom). In the place of Gabriel, the Secure Domain Names end in “.scom” instead of the more common “.com”.

Secure Domain Names are issued to each group member (i.e. bob.supergroup.scom). Each device will also have it’s own Secure Domain Name. As an example, Bob, might have an iPad called ipad.bob.supergroup.scom. A unique signed digital certificate is used to authenticate each activated device as the holder of its corresponding unique Secure Domain Name.

Gabriel Connect Technology

If you look at the image above, you will see that Gabriel is complex but if you trace the path of each service on-by-one, the process becomes simpler. You can view a larger image at

Gabriel prices vary from $1.99 per year for three users (that seems cheap enough!) to $120 per year for 10 users with up to 40 devices. The cheaper prices do not include a Private Directory Listing or a Unique Private Domain.

You can learn more about Gabriel from VirnetX at

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