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Your Contactless Debit Cards can easily be Cloned by Hackers

If you carry one or more of the new contactless credit cards, you need to know about a new hacking scam that can steal your card’s information while it is still in your pocket.


Contactless Debit Cards are used on terminals that display the above symbol.

A criminal group using the name of The CC Buddies is selling a hi-tech device on the Dark Web that’s capable of copying details from contactless debit cards if held as close as eight centimeters away from a victim’s card. Obviously, eight centimeters is rather close but such closeness is not unusual at a rock concert or in a jammed subway car. The thief can simply walk past you, perhaps brushing up against you, and the Contactless Infusion X5 device the thief is carrying in his backpack or briefcase copies the information from your card.

Crooks can get their hands on an X5 device for only 1.2 Bitcoin ( about US $825). CC Buddies says they ship devices via mail, and each buyer will receive the X5 device, a USB cable for charging and data transfers, and 20 blank cards.


Leave your contactless credit cards at home until this gets rectified. Contactless Debit Cards are used on terminals that display the above symbol.

Details are available in an article by Catalin Cimpanu in the web site at

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  1. Surely contactless cards should be an opt-in
    for those who want to spend money like water?

    Contactless seems to be primarily for the benefit of the retailers who want to encourage us to spend money: “tap and go”, don’t worry about niceties of checking the amount, collecting the card slip and reconciling at the end of the month! It’s only money!

    (My bank objects to me putting a hacksaw cut into the edge of the card to disable the aerial. But they will not configure the card to demand a PIN on every use.)


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