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Primo Offers Mobile Voice, Video, Messaging, and File Sharing Together

This article isn’t about privacy but it does strike me as a great service for people who have the need for it. I decided to share it here.

PrimoPrimo is a free alternative to an expensive monthly phone service. Primo provides a dedicated personal number, free inbound talk and text, plus free international calls to 30 countries. Primo is an app for Android phones and iPhones (and iPads and iPod Touch as well) that promises to bridge the gap between phones and data, and in doing so we will change the way the world communicates. It is brand new and is in beta right now. You need to reserve an account and will receive an invitation to joining Promo when the company can handle the growing load on its servers.

Primo is a supplement and possibly a replacement for expensive cell phone plans. It requires a cell phone (or tablet or iPod Touch) that can connect to either a wi-fi network or a cell phone network or both. Primo provides:

  • A second USA phone number for your cell phone or even a phone number for your tablet or iPod Touch
  • Free international calls to over 3 billion people around the world including:
  • Landlines in UK, France, Germany, and much of Europe
  • Call India mobiles and landlines free.
  • USA, Brazil, Canada, & Mexico land & mobiles
  • China, Thailand, and Singapore land & mobiles
  • Free unlimited inbound calls and SMS to your Primo phone number
  • Conduct worldwide 2-way video calls with other Primo users
  • Connect with friends and take Primo to the next level with video, messaging, file sharing and more

International communication with most of today’s services is either still simple and expensive, or complicated but free. Primo aims to combine the two best features of that paradigm: create a new service that is both simple AND free. You can use Primo’s app on either a cell network or a wi-fi network, if available. Unlike most other apps that call or message over wi-fi, the person you are calling does not need to have the same app installed. He or she can be using any standard landline phone or, in many countries, a cell phone.

Primo is designed to be the only communications app you need, allowing users to call anyone whether it be another Primo user, a mobile or a landline.

While the company does correctly offer FREE calls to telephones around the world, the offer is not for unlimited calls or minutes. The company offers a limited number of minutes with the exact number varying from one country to another. However, additional minutes are available at what the company claims are very low prices.

Full details may be found in the Primo web site at The Primo app for Android and iOS is available in the Google Play and Apple iOS app stores.

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