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Norton’s New Wi-Fi Privacy VPN App for iPhone and Android

While public Wi-Fi is convenient, it’s never safe. Accessing the Web on an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot can expose your most sensitive information like passwords, photos and credit card numbers to hackers and identity thieves.

Norton has a new mobile VPN that promises to keep you safe on public Wi-Fi networks. The company announced on Tuesday the global launch of Norton Wi-Fi Privacy — a subscription-based app that encrypts all the data you send over a public Wi-Fi network with bank-grade data encryption, from social media logins to internet banking details and shared photos and videos. It’s available now on both Apple and Android devices.

The new Wi-Fi Privacy VPN App for mobile:

  • Encrypts data sent and received over public Wi-Fi networks
  • Offers security in browser and in other mobile apps
  • Blocks ad-tracking cookies
  • Masks online activities and location
  • Allows you to switch virtual locations to access geoblocked content
  • Available for iOS 7.0 or later and Android 4.04 or later
  • One-year, one-device subscription

Norton is promising low latency, thanks to a number of global server locations, and says its encryption keys are changed for every connection, so they don’t log any data.

Norton Wi-Fi Privacy subscriptions cost $29.99 US, £23 or AU$47 per device per year. A 7-day free trial period is available.

Details may be found at

Comment: While the Norton VPN probably is very easy to install and operate, it certainly is not the cheapest and is not the only product available for smartphones and tablets. In fact, it costs $29.99 for each device, a drawback for anyone who uses both a smartphone and a tablet. Several other mobile VPN apps offer similar or cheaper prices and allow multiple devices. For instance, Private Internet Access (or PIA) at (which I have been using for a couple of years) costs a bit more money ($39.99 a year) but allows for up to five SIMULTANEOUS devices to be used. The simultaneous connections include Windows and Macintosh systems as well as iOS and Android. In addition, the PIA VPN apps for Android and iOS are very easy to use.

You can find even cheaper products than PIA although they may or may not be as user-friendly.

If you want a VPN for two or more devices, you can find better deals than the new offering from Norton.

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2 replies

  1. How do I figure out what operating system my phone has? My phone just says T-Mobile on it, nothing else. How would Norton’s product get loaded onto my phone? It doesn’t have a port to connect it to a computer. Just a port to charge the phone. Thanks for your ever interesting and educational posts.


    • —> How do I figure out what operating system my phone has?

      If the cell phone was manufactured by Apple and is called an iPhone, it runs Apple’s iOS operating system. Almost all other cell phones run the Android operating system.

      There is one exception: a very few cell phones run Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system. However, most industry reports say that Windows Mobile accounts for less than 1% of all cell phones sold today so that is a very small number.

      In addition, with all cellphones, watch the screen as the phone is powered on and booting up. All the cell phones I have seen will always display the name of the operating system during boot-up.


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