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CIA director John Brennan Told a Senate Committee that there Isn’t Any Strong Cryptography Outside of the US

CIA director John Brennan is either lying or is ignorant. As head of the CIA, we can assume he knows a lot about cryptography so he probably isn’t ignorant.

According to cryptography expert Bruce Schneier, CIA director John Brenna testified:

“US companies dominate the international market as far as encryption technologies that are available through these various apps, and I think we will continue to dominate them,” Brennan said.

“So although you are right that there’s the theoretical ability of foreign companies to have those encryption capabilities available to others, I do believe that this country and its private sector are integral to addressing these issues.”

Details are available in Bruce Schneier’s Schneier on Security web site at

It is strange that John Brennan would make such statements. US companies certainly do not “dominate” cryptography. In fact, there are more cryptography products produced outside the US than inside. See

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