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SpiderOak Encryptr Securely Encrypts and Saves Text Notes

spideroak_encryptrSpiderOak is my favorite cloud-based file storage service simply because it is easy to use and has top-notch security. (See for my report on SpiderOak.) Now the same company has created a FREE, private and secure password management tool and e-wallet. SpiderOak Encryptr is accessible only by you in the SpiderOak zero knowledge cloud. That’s right, not even the SpiderOak employees can read what is inside your SpiderOak Encryptr notes or in your SpiderOak files.

If you are presently using a password manager of unknown security, you might want to replace it with SpiderOak Encryptr.

SpiderOak Encryptr is available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Notes created in one computer can be read in another, even if the two computers are running different operating systems. All notes are securely stored in SpiderOak’s servers where they are instantly available to you wherever you are as long as you have an Internet connection.

SpiderOak Encryptr can be used:

  1. Tosecurely keep track of all of your passwords
  2. To securely keep track of all your credit and debit cards
  3. As a strong password generator
  4. To perform quick searches
  5. To sync notes across all of your devices
  6. To safely and securely manage your personal information, even your most private information

All SpiderOak products have Zero Knowledge of your data. In non-technical terms, Zero Knowledge means that your data is 100% private and only readable by you. No plain text data, no keys, and no file meta data is ever stored on the SpiderOak servers. Not only are the contents of the files encrypted but even the file names and the file sizes are invisible to everyone but you. In fact, the SpiderOak employees cannot even see how many files or notes you have stored. The employees presumably can see the total size of all your notes and files but cannot see the size or the names or even the number of individual files and notes. All this ensures absolute confidentiality of your data.

The good news and the bad news are the same: if you ever forget your SpiderOak Encryptr encryption key (similar to a password), there is no “backdoor” method of retrieving your key. All your data will be lost unless you can remember the encryption key. The SpiderOak employees cannot help you recover the encryption key as they have no access to it.

You can read more about SpiderOak’s security at For an even more detailed explanation of Zero Knowledge, see Wikipedia’s article at

SpiderOak’s Encryptr software is all open source, meaning that anyone with programming skills can examine the source code looking for security holes. Unlike most competitive products, SpiderOak Encryptr’s software has been examined by hundreds of independent programmers. None have found any security problems so far.

In short, I trust SpiderOak’s security but do not trust a number of their competitors that store encryption keys and passwords on their servers. I have been using SpiderOak for about a year and am happy with it. I recently installed SpiderOak Encryptr and, so far, it seems to be working well.

The difference between the two? SpiderOak is primarily designed to store files (word processing documents, spreadsheets, digitized pictures, receipts, tax documents, PDF files, email messages, and more) while SpiderOak Encryptr is designed to store shorter notes, such as credit card numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information that you can enter manually on the keyboard. You also can copy-and-paste from other applications to SpiderOak Encryptr as well. There obviously is some overlap between the two applications but SpiderOak seems to be designed for bigger files created elsewhere while SpiderOak Encryptr is intended for shorter notes entered manually on the keyboard.


  1. SpiderOak Encryptr has top-notch zero-knowledge security for your safety.
  2. SpiderOak Encryptr is available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android and all versions are compatible with all other versions.
  3. SpiderOak Encryptr is available FREE of charge. That’s free forever. There is no paid version available.

You can download SpiderOak Encryptr free of charge at You can learn more about the program at

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4 replies

  1. Thank you Dick. You recently recommended against using a password management product, primarily due to security issues. Does your recommendation change given this product option? Or do you feel it is still best avoided, but if one insists than SpiderOakEngryptr may be a much better option for that use? Thanks so much.


    • —> Does your recommendation change given this product option?


      As I wrote in the article, “SpiderOak Encryptr is accessible only by you in the SpiderOak zero knowledge cloud. That’s right, not even the SpiderOak employees can read what is inside your SpiderOak Encryptr notes or in your SpiderOak files.” Of course, the same is true for a hacker who manages to steal the encrypted information online. Since it is heavily encrypted, anything the hacker does retrieve will also be completely unreadable.

      Most other password managers do not offer that level of security which is why I won’t use them. The big difference here is the Zero Knowledge of your data. Even a person who looks at your data on the Encryptr servers cannot read it.

      I also wrote, “If you are presently using a password manager of unknown security, you might want to replace it with SpiderOak Encryptr.”


  2. Dick,
    I have installed Encryptr and am in the process of entering my many passwords. Then it dawned on me that if my passwords are on Spideroak’s server, i have no way of making a backup. Am I missing something?


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