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Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Reported Almost Three-Times the Number of Wiretaps that Were Listed in the Government’s Official Report

Somebody is obviously lying here. I wonder who that is?

Zack Whittaker has published an article in ZDNet that says the number of wiretaps authorized in 2015, which allow the authorities real-time access to communications, stood at 4,148 wiretaps, up by 17 percent from a year ago. Not a single wiretap request was rejected during the year.

However, Whittaker also points out that the telephone companies also report the number of wiretaps and that their reported numbers are three times those reported by the US government: 11,633 wiretaps during the same year.

Discrepancy? You figure it out. You can read Zack Whittaker’s article at


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