Why the Advertising Industry Needs to Embrace AdBlock

The most commonly cited statistic on ad blocking reports that roughly 200 million people worldwide installed ad blocking on their computers as of August 2015. That group is rapidly growing.

Ad-block technology stops almost all ads a person might otherwise see. Search ads, banner ads, remarketing, pre-roll, YouTube ads, social posts and even some “native” ads are all covered. When loading a page, AdBlock looks at from where content is being called and uses that information to infer what is or is not an ad. On computers, AdBlock typically comes as a plugin to install in a browser. On mobile, it takes the form of browsers or browser settings that do the same. It’s easy and relatively tinker-proof. With one or two clicks, an ad-free internet is at the fingertips of anyone.

You can read the full story by Vinay Kumar Mysore at http://goo.gl/iZ5eam.

One thought on “Why the Advertising Industry Needs to Embrace AdBlock

  1. Adblock (and the like) are an excellent way to get a clean reading experience and avoid my download allowance being used by people I don’t know to try to sell me things I don’t want.

    Now, Dick, how do I get an adblocker to stop adverts cluttering my RSS feed?


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