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"Friends don’t let friends get spied on.' – Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation and longtime advocate of privacy in technology.

All the Ways Windows 10 Violates Your Privacy

Interesting reading from the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

And YOU are still using Microsoft Windows???

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  1. “And YOU are still using Microsoft Windows???”
    Sadly, yes. I’ve been using MS OS’s since MS DOS, but my experience with Win 10 has been so annoying I find myself casting about for a non-MS solution for my next computer.

    My biggest gripe is the constant resetting of my defaults and the endless bloatware that came with the OS. I have no desire to have MS’s stoopid “apps” in my list of programs. If I wanted that stuff I’d have downloaded it. To have it forced upon my, with no way to delete it… is over the line. As is not being able to be notified and decide which updates to install is also over the line. As are the many, many ways they’re intruding into my personal life.

    As is the nagging on my Win 7 machines, coupled with the fear they’ll override my wish to remain on that OS. And please, stop with the “you can roll it back.” I have other things to do with my time than undo someone else’s interference with my personal computer.

    I installed GWX Control Panel Monitor so I could sleep at night. My paying job requires software not supporting Win 10 (Intuit, another little greedfest).

    Since my big gripe is the lack of an ability to select and use my own defaults (Irfanview and other things I’ve been using happily since the Bronze Age) I’m thinking Apple might not be a good choice. I’m getting older and my memory isn’t the best now so embarking upon Linux might also not be a good choice, partly because I’m not looking for a learning curve and partly because I’ll bet most of the stuff I use won’t work on Linux. Mostly it’s the learning curve challenge, plus the fact I really just want a tool with which to work, not a new hobby.

    I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you. I have no idea what I’ll do when my Win 7 laptop gives up the ghost, I really don’t. I just know that MS has turned a happy, satisfied customer of 30+ years into an unhappy customer looking to dump the company. That in itself is an impressive feat, I suppose.

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