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Google Security Engineer Claims Android Is Now As Secure as the iPhone

It is a common assumption among tech geeks, and even cybersecurity experts, that if you are really paranoid, you should probably use an iPhone, and not Android. But the man responsible for securing the more than one billion Android users on the planet vehemently disagrees—but of course he would.

“For almost all threat models,” Adrian Ludwig, the director of security at Android, referring to the level of security needed by most people, “they are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities.”

You can read the full article at

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  1. OK so when will my Motorola Phone and Acer Tablet upgrade to a modern version of Android?

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    • —> OK so when will my Motorola Phone and Acer Tablet upgrade to a modern version of Android?

      See “How to update Android smartphone or tablet” at

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      • Following those instructions on my Acer Tablet (B1-810) bought about a year ago and which has Android 4.4.4 just tells me my system is up to date!

        The PCAdvisor article indicates that version earlier than 4 will not upgrade, so my phone (version 2.3.6) is caught as un-upgradable.

        I very much doubt that either of my devices are “as secure as the iPhone” (unless I keep them offline – which is not the idea). I suspect many others are in a similar position.

        If we don’t like people using XP should we be happy to use Android earlier than 6? With my XP machine I could install Windows 10 on it – or Lubuntu 16.04 LTS – it is not a silicon security risk.

        If I root these devices can I upgrade them manually and what are the risks given these devices are sold as non-rootable?

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