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“By continuing the process of inflation, governments can confiscate secretly and unobserved an important part of the wealth of their citizens.” – John Maynard Keynes, writing about the effects of a seemingly small amount of inflation every year.

Ransomware is Being Spread by Infected Image and Graphic Files on Facebook and LinkedIn

Security researchers recently discovered Locky Ransomware being spread on Facebook and LinkedIn. The malware is distributed by infected image and graphic files. Users are prompted to download a codec allowing them to view the file in question.

Once users download and open the malicious file they receive – all the files on their personal device are automatically encrypted and they can only gain access to them after a ransom is paid. The industry estimation is that the campaign is still raging and accumulates new victims every day.

Present anti-virus software does not detect the problem although, hopefully, that capability will be added soon.

Details may be found in an article on the Check Point Software Technologies web site at

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