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Manufacturer Refurbished Asus Chromebook Flip C100PA

c100pI have written often about Chromebooks. They are excellent low-cost laptop computers that do most of the tasks that most computer users want, although they cannot match the power of the laptops that cost five or ten times as much. Best of all, these laptops never get viruses and do a better job at protecting privacy than do Windows or Macintosh computers. Private information typically is not stored in the laptop but rather in safe and secure cloud storage services. Too many laptops get stolen every year and, with Windows and Macintosh laptops, the thief gains access to the private information stored within that system. That is not a security problem with a Chromebook.

Now StackSocial has the Asus Flip C100PA Chromebook on sale for $199.99. That price includes shipping. I have an Asus Flip C100PA and love it. The 2-pound laptop with 9-hours battery life has become my primary traveling laptop. However, I had to pay more than today’s price of $199.99 when I purchased it more than a year ago.

The Asus Flip C100PA Chromebook that is on sale from StackSocial is a manufacturer refurbished unit, not new. That will turn some people off. However, I can vouch that I have purchased manufacturer refurbished units from a number of retailers and have never had a problem with any of them. The refurbished Asus C100PA Chromebook includes a 90 day manufacturer’s end user warranty, not the normal one-year warranty included with new laptops.

c100p_flipWhat I like best about the Asus C100P is the light weight, the long battery life, and the fact that it has a 360-degree hinge that enables it to function in a variety of modes, including traditional notebook, tablet, stand and tent. While I typically use it as a laptop computer when traveling, at home I often flip the keyboard around and use it as a tablet when watching television. Also, it boots up quickly and never gets viruses.

Full specifications may be found on the Asus web site at You also might want to watch the video below. Notice the flip keyboard. If you would like to order a manufacturer refurbished Asus Flip C100PA Chromebook for $199.99, go to

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