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Netgear Users Advised to Stop Using Affected Routers After Severe Flaw Found

Netgear is one of the largest manufacturers of networking routers and wi-fi equipment. If you own one of these units, STOP NOW. Check the model number. If it says Netgear R7000 or R6400 router, leave it powered off.


An attacker anywhere else in the world can trick a user into visiting a website that contains malicious code, such as an invisible web frame, to exploit the flaw. Adding commands to the router’s IP address can open up ports on the router, such as Telnet. After that, the hacker should be able to access whatever is available on your in-home network.

The folks running Carnegie Mellon University’s public vulnerability database (CERT) have advised users to “strongly consider discontinuing use” of the devices until a fix is made available. You can read more at:

NOTE: Not all Netgear routers have the problem. Only the model R7000 or R6400 routers have been identified so far as having the problem. However, the advisory said that other router models also may be vulnerable.

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