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Some Evernote Employees Can See Your Notes

UPDATE: Click here to see an update to this story

Do you think your Evernote notes are private? Think again. The company says that changes which go into effect on January 23, 2017, will give some Evernote employees the right to look at notes posted by anyone using the service. So much for privacy!

I have been a big fan of Evernote and I have thousands of notes in their servers. I do encrypt many of my more sensitive notes but not everything stored in Evernote. I even pay $69.99 a year for the Premium version and have loved it and have recommended it to others. However, if the company doesn’t change its policy before January 23, I will be deleting all my notes and canceling the service. Today I wrote a note in my calendar for January 23, 2017 to cancel Evernote.

I am now looking at Microsoft OneNote (which is free for personal use but seems to be overly complex) and Zoho NoteBook (which is free and looks good but is only available on Android and Apple iOS, not on Macintosh or Windows.)

There are a bunch of other note-taking apps, including SimpleNote, Google Keep, and others, but most of them have far fewer capabilities than does Evernote.

What is your favorite note-taking app?

You might want to read an article by John Callaham at to learn the details about Evernote’s latest policy change.

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