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FBI is Frustrated in its Bid to Read Americans’ Browser History and Email Records

Had this passed, it would have been really scary!

An expansion of powers that would have allowed the government access to Americans’ browsing history and email records has been dropped from the latest intelligence authorization bill. The provision would have expanded the FBI’s powers to use national security letters to grab Americans’ browsing histories without a court order.

Even today, these letters can compel internet providers and tech companies to turn over a limited set of records associated with Americans’ online communications, but the FBI wanted greater access to email records and browsing histories of recently visited websites.

Details may be found in article by Zack Whittaker in ZDnet at:

What will your government (attempt to) do next?

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  1. What will your government (attempt to) do next?

    Logically considering their desire to keep tabs on us:
    * Compulsory micro-chipping
    * Tracking transponders in streets, shops, public transport locations etc.
    * Sign on to internet only by micro-chip proximity (no need for passwords, but total tracking!)
    * Intelligent tazers (dial in who you want to shoot, tazer queries the micro-chip)
    Government will then justify this using the last two points!

    If the micro-chip database gets hacked we have an interesting problem!


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