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You Don’t Need an Antivirus (Except Microsoft’s Built-in on Windows), Says Former Firefox Developer

I am not sure I agree with this but will pass the information along in case it works for someone else. (I use Macintosh and Chromebook computers so viruses aren’t much of a concern for me. I cannot verify this article about Windows viruses.)

Former Firefox developer Robert O’Callahan claims, “antivirus software vendors are terrible; don’t buy antivirus software, and uininstall it if you already have it (except, on Windows, for Microsoft’s).”

He also claims, “Perhaps it should go without saying — but you also need to your OS to be up-to-date. If you’re on Windows 7 or, God forbid, Windows XP, third party Antivirus software might make you slightly less doomed.”

O’Callahan then provides justification for his claims in his article at:

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