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Members of the Trump Administration are Using a Self-Destructing Message App To Avoid Leaks

confideAlthough it may be a violation of the U.S. disclosure laws that apply to government e-mail messages and to paper records, Trump administration members and other Republicans are using the encrypted, self-destructing messaging app Confide to keep conversations private. Axios writes that “numerous senior GOP operatives and several members of the Trump administration” have downloaded Confide, which automatically wipes messages after they’re read.

You can read more in an article by Jonathan Swan and David McCabe in the Axios web site at:

I’ll leave the legal issues for others to debate. However, I do see a rather strong endorsement here for the privacy app Confide. “As used by top members of the Trump administration!”

Confide is an almost exactly three-year-old chat app that encrypts messages end-to-end, meaning only the sender and recipient can read them. It uses its own encryption protocol that is similar to the PGP standard many people have used for their emails since the Edward Snowden leaks, according to Confide’s co-founder and chief product officer Jeff Grossman. Confide is a free app.

If you would like to enjoy the same privacy as these senior members of the Trump administration enjoy, you can learn more about Confide at:

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