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Entire Trump Family Reportedly Switches to Encrypted Tutanota Emails

After the recent scandal revealing that Trump campaign aides have had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence in 2016, the entire Trump family apparently turned towards encryption to protect their private communications amongst themselves and possibly with others. Several encrypted Tutanota mailboxes were registered yesterday alone with distinct names of Trump family members.


Now the Trump family seems to have learned from those early mistakes during the presidential electoral campaign. They have learned that everything that happens online will be copied by the NSA and can be read and analyzed at a later stage.

The Secret Service or perhaps some other US agency captured the email messages and telephone calls between Mr. Trump’s associates and the Russians, as reported the New York Times. Then the FBI asked the NSA to collect as much information as possible on this, and analyze troves of previously intercepted communications. We can assume that the captured information includes some email messages made by or received by Donald Trump or members of his family. Now the new President and his family reportedly are switching to encrypted email messages.

It is interesting to note that the family turned to Tutanota, an encrypted email service based in Germany where German laws prohibit anyone from supplying private email information to anyone else, not even to agencies of the United States government, such as the CIA and NSA agencies.

Or did someone else sign up for (and pay for) the encrypted email accounts and used the Trump family’s names? Because Tutanota and most other encrypted email services don’t verify the information about their customers in order to protect their privacy, we cannot say for sure.

Disclaimer: I will point out I have been a Tutanota customer for about two years now and love the service. See for my review of Tutanota, written in 2015.

You can read more in the Tutanota Blog at:

I would encourage everyone to switch to encrypted email services, whether you have anything to hide or not. What’s good enough for the Trumps should be good enough for you and me. For more information about such services, see my recent article, A List of Private and Secure Email Services, at:

“Either everyone has security, or no one has.”

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